Hydrogen Colors Have Different Values, As You Can Learn

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Hydrogen is slowly but surely becoming more of our world. This is largely due to the rest of the alternative fuel landscape becoming a little less convincing as much as it is. The value in it is to reduce the global warming. Therefore, you can find how strong it may be according to it’s color showing the carbon intensity. Hydrogen is plenty plentiful on this Earth. Harnessing it as an energy source happens to be the tough part. Not to mention it tends to carry energy. This energy is conveyed with the amount of effort it takes to produce the chemical, including solar, electricity hydro and nuclear power, as well as natural gas. The production process, like the energy source it happens to utilize, will usually determine color assignments.

Green Hydrogen Is Good.

You see this version when water is split into Hydrogen and Oxygen. This is a process they call electrolysis. Such can be vented into the atmosphere.

Blue And Gray.

Natural gas is splitting the blue hydrogen into CO2 and steam methane reforming (SMR) as well as autothermal Reforming. Gray versions are made pretty well with split natural gas.

Pink And Yellow.

Pink hydrogen comes about from electrolysis. But in this case, that was with nuclear energy for the power source.

Yellow hydrogen comes about from solar exclusive electrolysis output. Green versions are by contrast derivative from a combo of renewable sources.

There usually is enough to transition from gray, blue and green. But green hydrogen is usually what people want to aim for. This is because the carbon intensity is even strongly reflective by the color of the molecules. Anyone can be a strong believer in fuel cells. But when is it that it will make sense. Last time it underwent revision, it still needs to be decreased from $16 per kilogram to $2 or $3.

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