Truck Parking Causing Big Divide Between Fleets And Operators

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The data states that fleets may find plenty of concern when it comes to staffing. However, truck parking is a huge factor people have to consider when it comes to being more able to carry out business better. They will have to be better at truck parking on the danger of losing their drivers. This is to say that the data tells us all we need to know about what we need to be concerned about.

There happens to be a compassionate and detailed analysis of the hardships many drivers face in truck parking.

Truck parking is always going to be important in the long run of life. If you need to get better spots, then you need to understand that truck parking is almost impossible. This is what is closely held as a belief by a fellow trucker, named Rebecca Brewster. She works for the ATRI.

Brewster says: “The lack of truck parking is a big personal issue for me,” she said, pointing out that many of the conference attendees likely drove past trucks parked on the shoulders and ramps of highways for lack of parking. “It should not be occurring. This is the position drivers are faced with.”

Some fleet executives, like Brewster believes, are unable to accept the hardships. This is the fault of tightness found in the freight market. “If you want to talk about finding and keeping drivers, you need to be equally concerned” with the lack of safe parking, she said. “Everyone in this room knows where you’re going to put your head down in a bed tonight. Our professional drivers don’t have that same luxury.”

If you want to be good in trucking, you have to find good spots. This is all necessary for the industry. If you neglect that, then all the rest of your experience is near pointless and futile.

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